In the course of the procedure for granting status and international protection the applicants have the right to:

  • stay on the territory of Bulgaria till the final decision is issued on their application for protection;
  • receive a registration card, which is the document certifying that they are in a procedure for international protection in Bulgaria. The applicants use this document for the purpose of proving their legitimacy before the police and any other state authority or institution in Bulgaria. For more information, see “Documents”.
  • be accommodated in a refugee centre (camp) with the State Agency for Refugees;
  • have a job with a permit issued by the Agency for Refugees, which can be received after 9 months from the registration and the opening of the procedure;
  • receive cash assistance from the Bulgarian state in the amount of BGN 65 / month for each family member accompanying them;
  • be provided with medical care for which the Bulgarian state pays the health insurance contributions. Health insurance is ensured by the Bulgarian state after the issuance of the registration card and only over the time period of the procedure for international protection. A precondition for receiving medical care is examination by a general practitioner (GP). The signing up for a GP can be facilitated by the staff of the Agency for Refugees or by the service of the Bulgarian Red Cross. Health insurance ensures access to free medical treatment, but not for all diseases. Some types of specialized medical care, such as surgery or certain dental interventions, are not included in the health insurance package; this is why the applicant has to pay for them as Bulgarian citizens do.
  • free education for children in a Bulgarian state or municipal school. The applicants’ children are enrolled at schools with the support of staff from the State Agency for Refugees.
  • receive additional social assistance provided to people with special needs. For example: pregnant women, unaccompanied children, families with many children, people with chronic diseases.

While in the procedure for international protection the applicants for protection have the obligation to:

observe the rules at the refugee centre (camp) where they are accommodated and reside;

make an appearance at the Agency for Refugees in order to receive the written invitation to the interview or to be served with the decision on the date and at the time indicated in the notification;

not leave the territory of Bulgaria, in particular in an irregular manner. On the one hand, this may result in a refusal of protection issued in the absence of the applicant. On the other hand, the illegal exit from Bulgaria is a crime, but, unlike illegal entry, is not always punishable at court.