Where the Agency for Refugees takes a Dublin decision on the examination of the foreigner’s application in Bulgaria, within 7 days from the date on which this decision is served on the applicant, the second stage of the procedure starts – the accelerated procedure.

In the accelerated procedure, the interviewer from the Agency for Refugees must make an initial assessment of the reasons why the applicant left his/her country of origin. At this stage the applicant may be invited to another interview in order to be questioned once again about the reasons that made him/her flee or about the evidence that he/she has provided.

Within 10 days from the day on which the Dublin decision is served upon the applicant, the interviewer from the Agency for Refugees must decide whether the application will be examined at the next stage of the procedure or the applicant will be refused a status in the accelerated procedure. If within this time limit the applicant does not receive a refusal decision, this means that the application will be examined in all details at the last stage – the general procedure.

 What should be done if the decision in the accelerated procedure is a refusal to grant either refuge or humanitarian status?

The applicants who have received a refusal decision in the accelerated procedure have the right to lodge an appeal before the court within 7 days from receiving a copy of the decision and certifying the receipt with a signature, and to request that the court overturns this decision and orders the Agency for Refugees to examine in details their application in the general procedure.

The deadline should not be missed, as the refusal becomes final as soon as the deadline expires, the procedure ends, and the applicant may be detained and deported back into his/her country of origin. For more information about lodging an appeal, see “Appeals before the court”.