The procedure for the examination of the application for protection may be suspended if the applicant fails to meet any of his/her obligations. The procedure will be suspended, where for no good reason:

  • the applicant fails to make an appearance for the interview in the course of 10 working days from the receipt of the invitation;
  • the applicant changes his/her address without notifying and without asking for permission the director of the refugee camp where he/she was accommodated or of the refugee centre where his/her registration card is renewed, if he/she is residing outside a refugee camp;
  • the applicant refuses to give the interviewer explanations or clarifications regarding the circumstances of his/her claim.

In the above cases, if the interviewer proposes so, the procedure is suspended by means of a decision. Such suspension may have very negative consequences, as the procedure can subsequently be terminated, if the applicant fails to either make an appearance before the interviewer within 3 months in order to correct his/her mistake or indicate good reasons for the failure to respond to the invitation to the interview or for the failure to inform the Agency about the changed address.

The suspension will be cancelled if the applicant appears at the Agency and provides evidence which proves that he/she had objective reasons for changing the address without informing the Agency in advance or for being unable, due to objective reasons, to make an appearance for the interview after being invited.