At each of the two stages of the examination of an application for international protection – the accelerated procedure and the general procedure – the staff of the Agency for Refugees are obliged to make an assessment and make a decision on the application. A copy of each decision is served on the applicant after being read in a language that he/she understands; he applicant certifies the receipt by signing.

If the decision is negative and both refugee status and humanitarian status are refused, the applicant has the right to lodge an appeal before the court against the decision and request that the court overturns this decision and orders the Agency for Refugees to issue a new decision.

The appeal must be lodged within a certain time limit from the day of receiving a copy of the decision and certifying this by signing.

The time limit is indicated at the end of the decision and can be either 7 days or 14 days. This time limit must not be missed!

For more information about lodging an appeal before the court against a decision, see “Appeals before the court”.