The procedure is complicated, and you might not be able to understand everything happening to you. Sometimes the services of a person who knows the laws are needed. This person who will ensure the full protection of your rights is called a “lawyer”.

In order to be consulted and assisted by a lawyer, you have to ask either your guardian or the interviewer – the person who conducts the interview with you – to help you to get in touch with a lawyer.

If neither the interviewer, nor the guardian helps you to do so, you can approach for help the following institutions:

UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Address: Sofia, 2 Pozitano Square
Telephone: 02/ 980 2053

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee
Address: Sofia, 1 Uzundzhovska street
Telephone: 02/ 981 3318

Svilengrad, 5 General Strukov street
Telephone: 0379/ 63 118

National Legal Aid Bureau
Address: Sofia, 1 Razvigor street
Telephone: 02/ 819 3200
Hotline: 0700 18 250