Am I an unaccompanied child?

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Under the Bulgarian law a child is a person who has not turned 18 years of age.

Before you turn 18, you cannot independently conduct procedures before the Bulgarian authorities. If you are aged under 14, one of your parents has to sign for you in the asylum procedure. If you are aged above 14 but have not yet turned 18, you can sign before the Bulgarian authorities but your signature must be certified with the signature of one of your parents – mother or father.

If, however, you have not turned 18 and entered Bulgaria alone, without either of your parents – mother or father – then under the Bulgarian law you are an “unaccompanied child”.

If your parents are not with you in Bulgaria, because you do not know where they are, they got separated during the trip or are dead, you have the right to lodge an application for asylum in Bulgaria before the authorities without their signature, and request a status from the Bulgarian state in order to stay and live here.

If you are an unaccompanied child and want to receive asylum, protection and status from the Bulgarian state, you are entitled to special procedures.
PLEASE, ask about your rights someone from the assisting organisations which are present in your refugee camp!