Documents after receiving a status

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When you receive a status you are entitled to a permanent card.

If you have received refugee status, you are entitled to a card of a refugee. It has a 5-year term of validity.


If you have received humanitarian status, you are entitled to a card of an alien with humanitarian status. It has a 3-year term of validity


The card of a refugee has a 5-year term of validity, and the card of an alien with humanitarian status has a 3-year term of validity, but this is not the term of the status, it only indicates the validity of the document. If the term of the document expires, it can be extended for another new term.

One month before the term of validity of the old card expires, you just have to request the issuing of a new card and pay the fee for that. This procedure applies to both types of cards – the refugee and the humanitarian one.

In order to have a card issued, you need to receive a unique civil number (EGN) from the administration of the municipality where you reside. In order to receive the unique civil number, when you go to the municipality you must have with you the registration card, the original decision for granting a status, as well as a special letter from the Agency for Refugees to the mayor of the municipality about the address at which you have chosen to reside. You will not pay a fee for the issuing of the unique civil number.

Do not indicate a false address before the Agency for refugees in order to speed up receiving a card. Giving false data to a state authority is a crime and is punished by the law.

The card is issued by the police – the Ministry of Interior (MOI) through the police department in charge of the area where your address is located. You have to fill in a form and pay the fee for the issuing.

In addition to the card, you can also ask for the issuing of a document for travelling abroad (a travel document) by paying an additional fee.