Serving the decision on your case

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The interviewer must make a decision on your case within 3 months from your registration. If your procedure has to last longer, the interviewer must inform you in writing about such an extension. If in the meantime you decide to voluntarily terminate the procedure by withdrawing your application, you should bear in mind that you will lose your rights as an asylum-seeker in Bulgaria.

The interviewer’s decision indicates if you will be granted or refused a status in Bulgaria. This decision is made in writing, and the interviewer will call you in order to inform you about the result from the procedure on your case.

When you are served the decision, it must be read to you by an interpreter in a language that you speak and understand, and you must receive a copy of the decision against your signature certifying the receipt.

If you are accommodated outside the refugee camps, you may receive by post a letter from the Agency for Refugees informing you that your decision has been issued. This means that you must immediately go to the relevant refugee camp where you were interviewed in order to receive the decision against your signature certifying the receipt.