What rights do I have as an unaccompanied child?

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Even if you are still aged under 18, you have rights which the Bulgarian authorities are obliged to observe.

During the procedure you have the right to:

  • stay in Bulgaria till a decision is made on whether you will receive a status;
  • receive a registration card which will be your identity document;
  • be accommodated in a refugee camp;
  • receive food three times every day;
  • receive cash assistance every month;
  • be provided with medical care when you get sick;
  • be enrolled in a Bulgarian school ;
  • have an interpreter, a lawyer and a social worker during the interviews;
  • receive a decision on whether you are granted a status in Bulgaria.
If you receive a status in Bulgaria, you will have the right to: be appointed or designated an adult, called a guardian who will take care that you receive permanent Bulgarian documents, and will also take care of your other rights such as housing, enrolment at school, and others.

If someone offers to become your guardian against payment, this is illegal , and you must immediately inform about this – your lawyer is the best suited person to inform.

  • receive Bulgarian identity documents from the Bulgarian police – an identity card and a travel document;
  • get education in Bulgarian state schools and universities;
  • get permission to reunite with your family on the territory of Bulgaria;
  • work after you turn 18 without the need for a special permission for that;
  • be granted Bulgarian citizenship: 3 years after receiving a refugee status, and 5 years after receiving a humanitarian status;
  • travel abroad: under the terms for Bulgarian nationals (if you have a refugee status) and under the terms for foreigners holding a permanent residence permit (if you have a humanitarian status).