What shall I do if my parents or other relatives are in another European state?

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If one or both of your parents are in another European state, you have the right to ask from the Bulgarian state to ensure that you go to them in that state.

You can also ask to be sent to another European state when another close relative of yours is there – for example: a grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, adult brother or sister.

This is why you have to immediately inform about this the interviewer at the Agency for Refugees who is responsible for your procedure. If you have documents proving your kinship with the relevant persons in the other state, you have to give them to the interviewer. You must sign a declaration declaring that you agree to go to the other European state.

The permission for you to go, however, is not given by Bulgaria, but by the other European state. You may have to wait for this permission for one or two months. You had better wait for the permission, because, if you receive it, you will be able to travel legally to the other European state. If, however, you decide not to wait for it and run away from Bulgaria to that European state, your risk being taken back to Bulgaria, because you did not observe the legal procedures.

When the permission to travel to the other European state is received, the Bulgarian authorities will prepare your travel documents and will make arrangements for your trip.

If the other state, however, refuses to receive you on its territory, then your relatives will have to object to this refusal before the court in that state.