Which members of my family can come to Bulgaria?

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The law allows reunification only with the following members of the family:

  • husband / wife;
  • the parents of either of the spouses who are not able to take care of themselves due to advanced age or serious illness and have to live in the same household with their children;
  • the children who are aged under 18 and are not married;
  • the children who have turned 18 and are not married but only if for very serious health reasons are not able to ensure their subsistence on their own.
In the event of polygamy (two or more wives), reunification with a next wife is not allowed, if one of the wives is already in Bulgaria.
If you are a child aged under 18 and are in Bulgaria without your parents, because they are dead or you do not know their whereabouts, you can receive a permission for reunification in Bulgaria with another adult member of your family who is responsible for you by law or by custom – a grandfather, a grandmother, an uncle, an aunt, as well as an elder brother or sister who are aged above 18.